I see the human body as a container of impulses. The body as physical life which entails a personality.
Through modeling clay figures I want time to be suspended, prolong the action that is happening when it is physically intense and intimate. The glazes I choose for the surface on my figures, their skin, are the ones that allow accidents and flow, full of detail, as skin is full of nerve endings.

I am invested in tactile procedures. Transforming materials into figures I have a more satisfying apprehension of the human body. In my recent work, the leg sculptures work as a metaphor for what sets me in motion. With the legs I identify with the bottom part of the body, closer to the gut and intuition, and away from the head. The legs are separated from the rest of the body, but the edge of these shapes is not the end of it. It is there to describe a point of departure, what continues beyond that limit is a body that exists only in the imagination. This sculptures are successful in deceiving the viewer about their appearance, looking heavier as if they were made of cement.  Their large scale has allowed me to expand form and content as well.